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Emsworth Baptist Church

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Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

Why do I need to believe in God when I seem to be fine on my own? Can the Bible still be trusted in light of recent developments in science? Who is to blame for the suffering in the world I see every day? How do I reconcile a God who is supposed to represent love with actual Christians who can be so unloving? For many, these are real, valid questions that cause them to question the value of Christianity.


But what if there are some answers to these questions? Starting in January 2020, we are presenting a series of talks where we will consider some of those answers:

If God is so loving why is there so much suffering in the world?

Sunday 5th January at 10.30am 

How could Jesus be God?

Sunday 12th January at 10.30am

Why are Christians judgmental and narrow-minded?
Sunday 19th January at 10.30am

How can Christians say that Jesus is the only way to heaven?
Sunday 26th January at 10.30am